Oh, how you wish to have a flawless skin on your face, to look like a movie or a TV star and everyone to take a glimpse at you as you pass by. Well… we can help you with that. It’s not that hard actually and sure as hell it’s not expensive as some cosmetics companies might want you to think.

Beautiful, flawless skin can be achieved with ease only with items you can find right now in your home. Just a little bit of this, a hint of that and puff… you’re ready to be the center of attention. Here are some simple recipes you definitely should try.

Banana, Papaya and Honey alliance against dry skin

One of the most important thinks you should remember, if you want your skin to remain young and without wrinkles, is to keep it moisturized. Dry skin not only looks tired, but also can lead to many unwanted irritations. You may fill itches, rashes may appear and many other problems can be caused by dry skin. In the winter is very hard to maintain moisture because the cold dries of your skin.

The solution is hidden in a banana, papaya and some honey. Bananas have large amount of vitamin A, which is essential for your skin. Mash equal parts of banana and papaya in a bowl. Add a tablespoon of honey to the mix and a few drops of milk. At the end you must have a tick paste. Apply the cream on your well cleaned face and leave it for 10 minutes. Easy and effective.

Egg whites for tightening your skin.

Eggs are a very important part of your diet. They are full of protein, which is essential for your muscles, skin and your body as a whole. This protein is contained in the egg whites and can be absorbed not only by eating, but also as a cream. The cream will prevent wrinkles and lines form emerging.

All you need to do is separate the yoke and take the egg white. Apply a few layers of it directly on your face. When the mask starts to dry of you will feel your skin tightening. Leave it for ten minutes and clean it afterwards.

Cucumber for oily skin

Cucumbers are one of the best foods you can find. A true super food. The cucumber is low on calories, high on minerals and vitamins and most importantly, it has 96% water, which makes it a great moisturizer. It comes as no surprise that cucumbers make great facial masks. Just grate one cucumber and apply it on your face. Be sure to put a lot of towels on your shoulders and around you, because cucumbers can be really leaky.

You should keep two slices and put them on your ice. Cucumbers are great for your eyes and will erase the dark circles around them. Most importantly cucumbers will remove all unwanted oil from your face skin. In the process they will tighten your skin and make it look radiant and firm.

Try this 3 masks and look of other DIY recipes in our blog.

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