About us

Hello dear readers! We are the “How to Make Your Eyelashes Longer” team. We want to share with you our vision of beauty, and teach you how to make your own beauty products. On the market there are many unnatural cosmetics with artificial ingredients and possible side effects. We think that everything that is made in laboratory has no place on your skin or in your body. A person should never endanger himself/herself in the name of good looks, so often the easiest way is the most effective and most beneficial.

The genesis of our website’s name has a very interesting story. It all began some months ago when we decided to start our website. We were sitting around a table and silence was overwhelming the room. Everyone was trying to think of the perfect name. Everyone was looking so serious and the tension in the room could have been cut with a knife. Only Susanne was somehow distracted. We all thought that she already knew the best title. We asked her, but she replied “Oh! I don’t know. I was thinking how to make my eyelashes longer”. We burst laughing and the name of our website was born.

Don’t worry though. In our website you will find much more than the answer to the question “How to make your eyelashes longer”. We will give you regular tips on diets, DIY body care products, recipes for awesome creams and facial masks. We will teach you how to treat your skin right and how to make your body outstanding.

In our shop you can find 100% natural, organic cosmetic products, creams and other beauty products, or you can just read our blog and learn how to make them yourselves. We hope you will enjoy your stay in our little internet space for natural beauty. And of course to learn How to Make Your Eyelashes Longer J