If eyes were the window to your soul, then eyelashes must be the curtains. If you are a person that cares how he looks, you must always take care of each and every part of your body. That includes the eyelashes too. We already gave you three unique, natural ways to make your eyelashes longer, fuller and bedazzling.  Have you tried them? If not you should definitely check them out.

If you are pleased with the results from our previous recipes, than prepare yourselves to write down the new ones and to try them out as soon as possible. So here are another 3 homemade remedies to make your eyelashes longer.

Brush your eyelashes.

Brushing your eyelashes may sound strange but it is quite good for your eyesight too. The main function of the eyelashes is to protect your eyes from dust and other small particles. This means that almost every day dust, dirt and other micro-elements get stuck in your lashes, which may cause a bit of blur when at the end of the day. Brushing your eyelashes will prevent dust and dirt particles from clogging your pores. It will also allow your eyelashes to grow longer and fuller.

All you need is some vitamin E oil and a soft eyelash brush. Put a small amount of the vitamin E oil on the brush and gently brush comb your lashes. You should always move slowly from the root to the tip. Don’t try to brush the other way, because it might crush your lashes. Do this for about 5 minutes twice a day and in a few weeks you’ll see the desired result.

Coconut milk

As you might remember form the previous article, protein is very good for your hairs. Coconut milk is rich on protein on one hand, on the other it is full of essential fats that are going to make your eyelashes longer, thicker and more radiant. As a plus they will add a magnificent shine on your eyelashes.

The procedure is as easy as it is effective. Just take a cotton ball and dip it in some coconut milk. Apply it directly on your eyelashes and let it work its magic for around 10 to 12 minutes and rinse it with lukewarm water. Use this remedy at least for a few months every day twice. In a while you will start to notice the difference.

Castor oil

Another easy way to make your eyelashes long and beautiful as a Disney princess’s, is by using castor oil. This natural remedy is a powerful follicle that stimulates your eyelashes and makes them look voluminous and gorgeous. Castor oil fights mercilessly micro-organisms that hamper with the lashes’ growth and nourishes the hairs when they are emerging.

Always use a clean brush when you apply the castor oil on your eyelashes. You can also add some vitamin E oil. Apply the mix on your eyelashes every night before you go to bed. Leave it till the morning and clean your eyes with lukewarm water.

Try these three new perfectly natural products for thick and lustrous eyelashes. Our previous suggestions  and visit our blog for new recipes for beautiful eyelashes.

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