Yet another three ways to make your eyelashes long and beautiful

This is the third installment of the answer we asked at the very beginning of our website “How to make your eyelashes longer”. We already told you about the wonders that Green Tea, Eggs and massaging your eyelids can do for your eyelashes in the first article dedicated to this question. In the second installment we introduced the benefits of coconut milk, castor oil and brushing your eyelashes on the trusted guardians of your eyes.

In this 3-rd part of our answer to the fundamental question “How to make your eyelashes longer” we will concentrate on pure organic products, made from simple household plants and fruits.

Aloe Vera

The medical properties and benefits of this plant are almost legendary. Every home should have at least one Aloe Vera plant not only as decoration but as a source of countless organic and natural remedies, cosmetic products and creams. This almost magical plant has been used for centuries as a medicine for burns, inflammations, irritations and many other illnesses. It is used for treating wounds and as a beverage for some stomach problems. You can read more about the properties of Aloe Vera here

It comes as no surprise that this incredible plant can be very beneficial for your hair and of course for your eyelashes. All you need is some of the plant’s gel and you are ready to go. To reach it you must cut one leave open and take the slimy inner part of the Aloe. Take an eyelash brush and with it apply some gel on your lashes right before you go to bed. The best results will be when the gel is freshly harvested. Leave the gel on your lashes for the whole night. In the morning  clean up your eyes with warm water.

In few weeks you will see the results for yourself.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has a high amounts of vitamin E that is essential for hair growth. In addition it has oleic acid, which nourishes the hairs and will ad volume in your eyelashes. Of course it will give them a beautiful shine as well.

Before going to bed take a cotton ball and soak it in some warm olive oil. Gently rub the oil on your lashes and go to sleep. During the night the oil will work its magic and in the morning you must clean your eyes with some lukewarm water. If you continue to do this treatment, the results will be visible in a few months.

Lemons for your eyes

This one is the hardest recipe yet. It is dangerous also because it’s never a good idea to put lemon near your eyes. But for your eyelashes you need only the peels. They are rich in folic acid and other nutrients as well as in vitamin B and C, which are stimulating hair growth. As a result this recipe will give your eyelashes some volume and a magnificent shine.

For the preparation of this remedy you will need a couple of weeks. First you take some lemon peels. They shouldn’t be fresh neither should they be rotten. Put them in a bowl and pour olive or castor oil on them. Let the peels soak for a couple of weeks. After the cream is ready, take an old mascara stick and with it gently put the oil from the bowl on your eyelashes before bedtime. The potion should stay on your lashes till the morning when you wash it off with clean water. Follow this remedy for a few months and the results won’t be late.


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3 awesome homemade face masks you should definitely try

Oh, how you wish to have a flawless skin on your face, to look like a movie or a TV star and everyone to take a glimpse at you as you pass by. Well… we can help you with that. It’s not that hard actually and sure as hell it’s not expensive as some cosmetics companies might want you to think.

Beautiful, flawless skin can be achieved with ease only with items you can find right now in your home. Just a little bit of this, a hint of that and puff… you’re ready to be the center of attention. Here are some simple recipes you definitely should try.

Banana, Papaya and Honey alliance against dry skin

One of the most important thinks you should remember, if you want your skin to remain young and without wrinkles, is to keep it moisturized. Dry skin not only looks tired, but also can lead to many unwanted irritations. You may fill itches, rashes may appear and many other problems can be caused by dry skin. In the winter is very hard to maintain moisture because the cold dries of your skin.

The solution is hidden in a banana, papaya and some honey. Bananas have large amount of vitamin A, which is essential for your skin. Mash equal parts of banana and papaya in a bowl. Add a tablespoon of honey to the mix and a few drops of milk. At the end you must have a tick paste. Apply the cream on your well cleaned face and leave it for 10 minutes. Easy and effective.

Egg whites for tightening your skin.

Eggs are a very important part of your diet. They are full of protein, which is essential for your muscles, skin and your body as a whole. This protein is contained in the egg whites and can be absorbed not only by eating, but also as a cream. The cream will prevent wrinkles and lines form emerging.

All you need to do is separate the yoke and take the egg white. Apply a few layers of it directly on your face. When the mask starts to dry of you will feel your skin tightening. Leave it for ten minutes and clean it afterwards.

Cucumber for oily skin

Cucumbers are one of the best foods you can find. A true super food. The cucumber is low on calories, high on minerals and vitamins and most importantly, it has 96% water, which makes it a great moisturizer. It comes as no surprise that cucumbers make great facial masks. Just grate one cucumber and apply it on your face. Be sure to put a lot of towels on your shoulders and around you, because cucumbers can be really leaky.

You should keep two slices and put them on your ice. Cucumbers are great for your eyes and will erase the dark circles around them. Most importantly cucumbers will remove all unwanted oil from your face skin. In the process they will tighten your skin and make it look radiant and firm.

Try this 3 masks and look of other DIY recipes in our blog.

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Another three homemade remedies to make your eyelashes longer and lustrous

If eyes were the window to your soul, then eyelashes must be the curtains. If you are a person that cares how he looks, you must always take care of each and every part of your body. That includes the eyelashes too. We already gave you three unique, natural ways to make your eyelashes longer, fuller and bedazzling.  Have you tried them? If not you should definitely check them out.

If you are pleased with the results from our previous recipes, than prepare yourselves to write down the new ones and to try them out as soon as possible. So here are another 3 homemade remedies to make your eyelashes longer.

Brush your eyelashes.

Brushing your eyelashes may sound strange but it is quite good for your eyesight too. The main function of the eyelashes is to protect your eyes from dust and other small particles. This means that almost every day dust, dirt and other micro-elements get stuck in your lashes, which may cause a bit of blur when at the end of the day. Brushing your eyelashes will prevent dust and dirt particles from clogging your pores. It will also allow your eyelashes to grow longer and fuller.

All you need is some vitamin E oil and a soft eyelash brush. Put a small amount of the vitamin E oil on the brush and gently brush comb your lashes. You should always move slowly from the root to the tip. Don’t try to brush the other way, because it might crush your lashes. Do this for about 5 minutes twice a day and in a few weeks you’ll see the desired result.

Coconut milk

As you might remember form the previous article, protein is very good for your hairs. Coconut milk is rich on protein on one hand, on the other it is full of essential fats that are going to make your eyelashes longer, thicker and more radiant. As a plus they will add a magnificent shine on your eyelashes.

The procedure is as easy as it is effective. Just take a cotton ball and dip it in some coconut milk. Apply it directly on your eyelashes and let it work its magic for around 10 to 12 minutes and rinse it with lukewarm water. Use this remedy at least for a few months every day twice. In a while you will start to notice the difference.

Castor oil

Another easy way to make your eyelashes long and beautiful as a Disney princess’s, is by using castor oil. This natural remedy is a powerful follicle that stimulates your eyelashes and makes them look voluminous and gorgeous. Castor oil fights mercilessly micro-organisms that hamper with the lashes’ growth and nourishes the hairs when they are emerging.

Always use a clean brush when you apply the castor oil on your eyelashes. You can also add some vitamin E oil. Apply the mix on your eyelashes every night before you go to bed. Leave it till the morning and clean your eyes with lukewarm water.

Try these three new perfectly natural products for thick and lustrous eyelashes. Our previous suggestions  and visit our blog for new recipes for beautiful eyelashes.

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Your eyelashes are thin and fragile? This might be the cause

Beautiful eyelashes are like a splendid necklace – it makes you look astonishing, amazing, and it hides all little imperfections you find on your face when you look at the mirror. If you have long and firm eyelashes they will always catch the eyes of everyone.  We already showed you 3 magnificent homemade recipes for long and dazzling eyelashes. Have you tried them? If you haven’t you should look at them right here. Now it’s time to talk about what may cause your eyelashes to get thinner or even fall. Some of the reasons might be reversible, others are, unfortunately irreversible.

There are many reasons why your eyelashes might be thin and fragile. It may be because of genetic inheritance, aging or certain medical conditions. In these cases there is nothing you can do. When it comes to eyelashes though usually the reasons for being thin are undernourishment, eye infection or hormonal changes. Rubbing your eyes definitely won’t help. Not removing your makeup at the end of the day may also cause serious problems to your eyelashes.

If you are suffering from a medical condition that makes your lashes to fall off, you should check up with your doctor and follow his instructions to the letter, no matter what you have read in any website. If you have long and strong eyelashes, but suddenly they start to thin out and fall, you should immediately visit a doctor, because those are some of the symptoms of deceases like leprosy, HIV or AIDS, hyperthyroidism, and other deadly deceases. This is the worst case scenario, so we definitely hope the reason for your thinning eyelashes is mostly neglect, and not something serious.

As a matter of fact lack of care for the lashes is the leading cause of their disappearance. Neglecting to remove makeup products from your eyelids will surely cause the thinning of your lashes and some hairs might fall. When you remove your make up don’t rub your eyes as if you are going to change them in two weeks. They are the ones you’ll have for the rest of your life, so show them some tenderness. Use cotton balls doused in mineral oil, or makeup removal.

If you take care of your eyelashes, they are strong and beautiful and yet you find a hair or two on your cheek or on your cloth, don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal to lose some eyelashes over time. Don’t panic, they will grow back. This shouldn’t be a daily оoccurrence though. If your eyelashes start falling off rapidly, you should immediately make an appointment with a doctor to check you.

Age also can cause loss of lashes. During the aging process hairs on your body age as well. Thinning of your eyelashes is also part of this process. If it comes to this there is no solution but to fake them. Use false lashes and cosmetics to make your eyes look deeper.

The most essential thing for your eyelashes is the good and natural care. Don’t miss our articles on homemade eyelash care products.

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How to make your eyelashes longer with things you may find in your fridge

It’s time to answer the question this website is named after – “How to make your eyelashes longer”.  There are countless cosmetic products dedicated to make your eyes look astonishing. Many of them target specifically your eyelashes. There are some good products on the market, but of course they are the expensive ones.

Others you have no idea what they contain. Artificial ingredients may cause inflammation, which is always bad news, especially when your eyes might be affected. It’s always a good idea to know what you put on your skin, and it goes double when we talk about your face. Natural products naturally are the best choice. But in the cosmetic world, when there is “Natural” on the label, it means you pay extra almost every time.

Keep your money for yourself and use these 3 homemade remedies to make your eyes look lusher, longer and of course sexier.

Green Tea

I’ll start with a favorite recipe of mine. The only thing you need is a little bit of green tea. It is so easy, because when you brew some of the hot beverage in the morning, just put aside a quarter of a cup and leave it to cool off. Remember that the tea should be plain – no sugar, or honey, or other sweeteners.

After the tea has cooled off take a small cotton ball and soak it in. gently apply “the potion” on you eyelashes from the roots to the tips. Leave it to work its magic for about 15 minutes than rinse it off with lukewarm water. Do this twice a day for 2-3 months and your eyelashes will become superb.


Another part of your breakfast can help you with your quest to make your eyelashes do die for. Eggs contain high level of protein which helps to strengthen your hair and make it ticker. The same goes for your eyelashes.

The recipe is as simple as it is effective. Just take one egg and mix it with a table spoon of glycerin. Beat it until it becomes a thick cream. Take a cotton ball and dip it in the mix. Apply directly on your eyelashes but be careful not get any of the cream in your eyes. Leave it for 15 minutes and rains it off with some cold water. Reapply this homemade product at least 3 times a week and soon you will see the astonishing effect.

Massage your eyelids

This method is the easiest one for today. All you have to do is gently massage your eyelids to promote the growth of your eyelashes. This helps your follicles to receive more nutrients thus promoting hair growth and preventing thinning of the lashes. It’s as easy as that.

Put few drops of oil ore shea butter on the tips of your fingers and gently start massaging your eyelids with small circular motions. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your eyelids, otherwise you may cause inflammation, instead of positive effects. Do this for at least 5 minutes twice a day for a few months.

Use this 3 tips to make your eyelashes astonishing. Soon everyone will notice your beautiful eyes and the little effort you invested will be absolutely worth it.

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