This is the third installment of the answer we asked at the very beginning of our website “How to make your eyelashes longer”. We already told you about the wonders that Green Tea, Eggs and massaging your eyelids can do for your eyelashes in the first article dedicated to this question. In the second installment we introduced the benefits of coconut milk, castor oil and brushing your eyelashes on the trusted guardians of your eyes.

In this 3-rd part of our answer to the fundamental question “How to make your eyelashes longer” we will concentrate on pure organic products, made from simple household plants and fruits.

Aloe Vera

The medical properties and benefits of this plant are almost legendary. Every home should have at least one Aloe Vera plant not only as decoration but as a source of countless organic and natural remedies, cosmetic products and creams. This almost magical plant has been used for centuries as a medicine for burns, inflammations, irritations and many other illnesses. It is used for treating wounds and as a beverage for some stomach problems. You can read more about the properties of Aloe Vera here

It comes as no surprise that this incredible plant can be very beneficial for your hair and of course for your eyelashes. All you need is some of the plant’s gel and you are ready to go. To reach it you must cut one leave open and take the slimy inner part of the Aloe. Take an eyelash brush and with it apply some gel on your lashes right before you go to bed. The best results will be when the gel is freshly harvested. Leave the gel on your lashes for the whole night. In the morning  clean up your eyes with warm water.

In few weeks you will see the results for yourself.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has a high amounts of vitamin E that is essential for hair growth. In addition it has oleic acid, which nourishes the hairs and will ad volume in your eyelashes. Of course it will give them a beautiful shine as well.

Before going to bed take a cotton ball and soak it in some warm olive oil. Gently rub the oil on your lashes and go to sleep. During the night the oil will work its magic and in the morning you must clean your eyes with some lukewarm water. If you continue to do this treatment, the results will be visible in a few months.

Lemons for your eyes

This one is the hardest recipe yet. It is dangerous also because it’s never a good idea to put lemon near your eyes. But for your eyelashes you need only the peels. They are rich in folic acid and other nutrients as well as in vitamin B and C, which are stimulating hair growth. As a result this recipe will give your eyelashes some volume and a magnificent shine.

For the preparation of this remedy you will need a couple of weeks. First you take some lemon peels. They shouldn’t be fresh neither should they be rotten. Put them in a bowl and pour olive or castor oil on them. Let the peels soak for a couple of weeks. After the cream is ready, take an old mascara stick and with it gently put the oil from the bowl on your eyelashes before bedtime. The potion should stay on your lashes till the morning when you wash it off with clean water. Follow this remedy for a few months and the results won’t be late.


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